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Create and customize stylish digital business cards and share them with anyone using QR codes, links & emails…

Share your contact details and links to your website & all of your social media profiles.

Change your contact details anytime & anywhere from right inside your dashboard

Create UNLIMITED Cards For You & EVERY Client

Keep track of when, where & with whom you shared your contact details

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In Just 1-Click Have Your Prospects…

If You Like EZLocal, You're Going To Fall In Love With Our Contactless Cards Suite

Neil Napier

Before you go to the Members Area...we have a special opportunity that we are confident you’re going to ABSOLUTELY love.

But first, let me quickly tell you how I came up with this (and why)...

A few months back - I met a group of friends at a coffee shop to brainstorm a new idea.

While there...I heard someone (on the next table) apologizing for not carrying his business card.

The guy looked pretty embarrassed while he grabbed a napkin and scribbled his contact details on it.

But What If You Could (Or Help Your Clients) To...

Create a contactless card in 60 seconds, and

...share with anyone using a QR code or send it through email, a link, and more...

You can even share them with downloadable QR codes and/or print them on flyers, newsletters, or a billboard.

Share contact details with a single click/scan

Instantly transfer your contact information to your prospect's phone/computer


Create Beautiful Contactless Cards In Just Seconds…

Watch Us Create A Contactless Card In Just A Few Seconds…

Easily Create Contactless Cards

Simply point-n-click to create contactless social business cards.

Share with anyone using a QR code or send it through email, a link, and more.

You can even download QR code and print it on anything like flyers, newsletters, or a billboard.

Send your prospects to your website/social media sites...or have them get in touch with you via WhatsApp, email or voice call with just 1-click.

Generate & convert MORE leads into sales.

No technical skill required.

Forget about printing your 9, 10 or even 11-digit phone number…

...hoping your clients would ever dial it or even save it. Today - no one wants to do anything manually.

You want their business? - Make it click-easy for them to reach you.

That’s what we did.

Your clients can reach you by just tapping on the Call icon on your contactless social business card.

1-Click To Call You

More & more people today prefer to communicate using WhatsApp.

Once the conversation has started...you can send them images, videos, links & more.

EZLocal Contactless Social Business Cards let you leverage the power of instant messaging with a single click.

Yes...just 1-click on the WhatsApp icon on your card…and your clients can start chatting with you.

It’s easy, fast & reliable.

1-Click To WhatsApp You

When it comes to business…many clients still prefer emails.

Email threads are also helpful in keeping a tab on the entire communication from both sides.

Inside EZLocal’s Contactless Social Business Cards...your clients can send you an email by just clicking on the mail icon!

1-Click To Email You

Have your clients visit your website & social media in just 1-click.

No need to share the links separately.

The web icon on your EZLocal Contactless Social Business Cards take your clients straight to your website & other social media.

1-Click To Access Your Website & Social Media

You can modify or update the card as many times as you want.

There's no need to rely on developers.

EZLocal’s Contactless Cards are easy, elegant, and affordable.

They are always in your pocket, never tears, and never run out.

Easily update your card with our user-friendly dashboard, so you won’t need to reprint a business card again & again every time some information needs to be changed.

Easy To Customize & Update

We’re changing the way people connect forever.

This is the next wave of digital business innovation.

Easily share your digital business card with anyone using a QR code or send it through email, a link, and more.

You can also download it as a QR code and print it on anything like flyers, newsletters, or a billboard.

Share With Anyone...Anywhere

Your card, your style.

Customize your profile picture, information, and links with a few simple taps.

Stop wasting money on boring printed cards that people take from you & throw in the trash just a few moments later.

Make a great first impression by showing you’re tech-savvy...& win clients easily.

Say No To Boring Printed Cards

Forget ordering 1000+ cards when all you need is an EZLocal’s Contactless Social Business Card.

With 88% of paper business cards discarded within a week, connect better without a big carbon footprint.

Research has shown that most companies spend on average $194 per employee, per year, on paper business cards.

Save money. Save trees with our contactless cards.

Environmentally Friendly

Businesses Desperately Looking
For Contactless Cards…

Shop Owners

...print your contactless card on a flier that your clients can instantly scan

Restaurant  Owners

...share your menu digitally with your customers

Hotel  Owners

Build an email marketing campaign to share your Booking Page Link or QR Code with your list.

Print Shop Owners

...share your products & prices digitally with your customers

Education & Training

...have your clients request for details regarding the course & training via email

Marketing Agencies

...send your clients to your website & social media profiles in just 1-click

Finance & Real Estate

...have clients request your brochure etc. by simply clicking on the mail icon

Health & Beauty

...have people book appointments using call or WhatsApp icon

Try EZLocal Contactless Cards Agency Suite

Totally Risk-Free…

With EZLocal’s Contactless Cards Agency Suite...you can digitally share your contact information that can be saved instantly on a smartphone.

Stay at the top of your audiences’ minds at all times.

And with the included Free Commercial License you can help your clients do the same & charge them every month for your services. To help you join us in this digital revolution...without any risks - we have included a 14-day money-back guarantee too.

If within 14 days from the date of your purchase - if you feel your business (or your clients’) business is not ready to go contactless...drop us a message & get your refund.

Here’s A Quick Recap Of What
You’re Getting Today With This Special Upgrade...



One Time

  • Contactless Social Business Cards Creator
  • UNLIMTED Card Creation
  • Click To Call
  • Click To WhatsApp
  • Click To Mail
  • Click To Navigate
  • Click To Visit Website/Social Media Profiles
  • Share Your Card With Anyone Anywhere
  • Easy To Update
  • Easy To Customize
  • Earn MORE Profits Selling Contactless Cards
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Call you by just tapping on the Call button on the card without typing your number

WhatsApp you without having to save your number

Send you an email without typing your email address

Find your business easily on Google Maps & reach your store in just 1-click without any hassle

FREE COMMERCIAL LICENSE. Sell these Cards as a service to businesses

1-Click To Navigate & Reach You

Giving directions to people trying to locate your premises can be frustrating for you and your clients.

Imagine talking to one of your clients at your store, spa, or salon...while another client calls you for directions.

But when you have shared your contactless card with your clients...they can simply tap on the map icon & reach your business with no hassle.

It Suddenly Struck Me...

We don't realize how inefficient paper business cards are until we run out of them at critical times.

We have to consciously remember to carry them & reprint them.

Moreover when we give it to someone, more often than not it ends up in a pile.

Giving business cards has long been part of business etiquette, but the OLD way doesn’t seem to work anymore.


Make sure to check your emailed receipt for EZLocal access information